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Leading company in technology services and applications consulting, with more than 30 years making history in the Panamanian market.

With more than 25 years representing the best database and technology manufacturer in the world, Oracle, as a Platinum Partner.

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Enterprise Resource Management
Speed and Flexibility to manage your business.
Spend more time on strategic projects for your business.
Robotic Authorization, Data Analytics.

Leader in solutions for your business

Analytics and Big Data

Choose one of our solutions

   Analytics Cloud
   Big Data Cloud
   Data Science

Database Management

Launch your cloud project

   Autonomous Data Warehouse
   AutonomousTransaction Processing
   Database Cloud Service
   Exadata Cloud at Customer
   Exadata Cloud Service
   NoSQL Database

Application Development

Enterprise solutions for your business

   API Platform
   Blockchain Platform
   Container Engine
   Digital Assistant
   Events Service

Emerging Technologies

Manage your presence on the web

   Artificial Intelligence
   Machine Learning
   Tactical Edge Cloud

The new

¡Large alliances are essential to offer more innovative solutions.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with NetFoundry, a platform that enables you to build and run more powerful, secure, and controllable applications.

Success stories

Implementation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize our client's operations

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) as an engineered system for your Oracle infrastructure

Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) to consolidate your mission-critical environments

Implementation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize our client's operations

Some of our clients

Build and manage in the cloud

Build and Manage your data anywhere,
using our infrastructure.

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Converged Infrastructure

Enterprise Solutions

Implementation of business management solutions

  1. ERP, CRM
  2. Point of sale (POS)
  3. Human resources and payroll
  4. Financial consolidation
  5. Budget formulation
  6. Help desk
  7. Monitoring and support service

CX customer experience

1. Customer Journey Map Advisory
2. Implementation of Sales Management
3. Marketing
4. Customer service (Omni-channel)

Analytics Implementation

1. Implementation of Services
Business intelligence
2. Implementation of Big data use cases, Data Mining, Cognitive Services
3. Data cleaning, Golden Record
4. DAMA data governance workshops
5. Consulting to form data governance
6. Monitoring and Support Service

Services Digitization of processes

1. Advice for the definition of
documentary classification chart
2. Consulting process improvement
3. Digitization of processes and procedures
4. Implementation of a simple, qualified electronic signature.

RPA services

1. Identification and selection workshop of processes to automate
2. Implementation of RPA services
3. Monitoring and support services


At Solusoft we continue to create great alliances to transform and improve our clients' operations.


Helping to transform and add value to our clients' operations.

Digital transformation is not a thing of tomorrow; you should start today. Let us guide you through the process and offer you the best solutions to help you achieve it.

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Robotic authorization, Data analytics. The key to Digital Banking

Slide EXPLORE THE WEBINARS ¡We keep transforming! Adding value to our clients' operations. We are committed to continuing to innovate towards what the world needs.

Accelerate your innovation, while maintaining full control over your data.

Deploy a secure private cloud Red Hat OpenStack is a unified integration platform that enables tracking and control of resources for a standardized private cloud environment.

Activities with our partners and our clients are key to contribute to the transformation of companies.

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