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Data encryption

We encrypt the data in Oracle database columns without the need to handle encryption keys. This allows you to protect applications without making changes to the application code. In addition, we use the industry standard encryption including AES and 3DES.



Transport your data safely

Transparent data encryption enables confidential data to be encrypted. Encrypted data is decrypted transparently to an application or database user who has access to the data, helping to protect data stored on media in the event of theft of storage media or data files. Oracle uses authentication, authorization, and auditing mechanisms to protect database data but not operating system data files where data is stored. To protect these data files, Oracle provides encryption of the confidential data stored in the data files. To prevent unauthorized decryption, TDE stores the encryption keys in a security module external to the database.

Advantages of using transparent data encryption

As a security administrator, you will have the peace of mind that confidential data is protected in the event of theft of storage media or data files.

Implementing TDE helps address safety-related regulatory compliance issues.

You do not need to create triggers or views to decrypt the data for an authorized user or application. The data in the tables is decrypted transparently to the application and the database user.

Database users and applications do not need to know that the data they access is stored in encrypted mode. Data is decrypted transparently to database users and applications.

Applications do not need to be modified to control encrypted data. The database manages the encryption and decryption of data.

Key management operations are automated. The user or the application does not need to manage the encryption keys.

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