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Compliance Management Automation Software with Speed and Efficiency

Continuous compliance evaluation service against workstations, on-premises servers and cloud to satisfy requirements of PCI, SOX, GDPR.

  • Standardize security auditing for ongoing compliance.
  • Makes security and compliance easier.


Maintain and enforce compliance across the enterprise

Chef Compliance helps companies maintain compliance and prevent security incidents at heterogeneous properties while improving speed and efficiency.

Chef Compliance makes it easier than ever to maintain and enforce compliance across the enterprise, with standards-based auditing and remediation content, easily fine-tuned baselines to suit organization needs, and visibility and control in hybrid environments and multiple clouds.

Optimize audits

Get complete visibility and easily manage exemptions to eliminate 90% of the time spent on audits.

Maintain ongoing compliance

Close the loop between audit and remediation to ensure assets always meet CIS benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

Easily meet business needs

Take advantage of chef-curated and certified proofreading content that is easily tailored to your organization’s needs.

The Compliance Service assists in all stages of the compliance workflow

Acquire: Clients access trusted content aligned with industry benchmarks for auditing and remediation. With content extensively tested, curated by Chef, and certified by CIS, organizations can get started quickly and ensure that remediation actions are directly aligned with audit results.

Define: Chef makes it easy to define compliance baselines and tailor them to your organization’s unique needs. Flexible compliance waiver capabilities allow teams to turn individual controls on or off to avoid false positives and misconfigurations.

Detect: Continuously monitor and assess compliance posture by detecting deviations from expected state at any point in the software delivery lifecycle.

Remediation: Remediate noncompliance with policy-driven remediation capabilities that efficiently address individual controls in alignment with audit evidence, coding those corrections to enable ongoing compliance. The correction can be applied easily, without requiring coding skills.

Report: Maintain complete and up-to-date visibility into heterogeneous properties, easily see differences between referenced and remediated statuses, and track exemption status to enable fast and accurate audits at any time.

Compliance as Service use cases

Security audit

Continuously assess security and easily customize and update tests when new vulnerabilities are released.


Compliance audit

Report on compliance checks against CIS benchmarks against DISA standards to maintain ongoing compliance.


Continuous compliance

Monitor and correct any deviations from compliance posture in all environments on an ongoing basis.


Normative compliance

Take advantage of pre-defined benchmarks or adjust compliance profiles to address specific organization requirements.


Government compliance

DISA STIG and CIS predefined referral profiles help accelerate Authority to Operate (ATO) in highly regulated federal organizations.


Accelerate delivery

Deliver business value faster as application and infrastructure compliance is built into the SDLC.

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