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Database Appliance

Database Appliance is the easiest and most affordable for organizations.

Run Oracle Databases and applications in remote and peripheral computing environments. Customers reduce Oracle Database deployment times and management workloads through a prebuilt, integrated system with management automation. According to evidence from the IDC Business Value Study, the Oracle Database Appliance enables customers to increase revenue and control costs, delivering up to 498% return on investment (ROI) over five years.

Database Appliance Features

Main differentiating elements

Simpler and faster installation

Pre-engineered embedded systems with automated configuration allow customers to start running databases and applications in as little as 30 minutes - about 10 times faster on average than self-built solutions, according to a DSC analysis.

Optimized for maximum performance

The tightly integrated Oracle Database Appliance hardware and software are optimized for maximum performance from customer applications.

Affordable prices with lower costs

Low starting prices and flexible CPU licenses with a minimum of two CPU cores lower the customer's total cost of ownership (TCO).

Oracle Cloud integration protects customer data

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration enables IT staff to back up and archive data to the cloud, as well as easily move workloads to the cloud when needed.

Single vendor support improves security

Oracle supports all hardware and software with quarterly patches that are easier to implement than self-built solutions from multiple vendors.

Full integration improves productivity

Unique integrations between Oracle Database, infrastructure, and management software optimize application performance while improving IT team productivity.

Automated configuration reduces IT workloads

Database administrators use built-in automation to reduce their workloads by configuring Oracle Database instances 67% faster than with self-built infrastructure, as described in the IDC Business Value Study.

Automation reduces IT workloads

Automated storage configuration, database provisioning, and quarterly patching in a single package reduce IT staff workloads by up to 96% compared to self-built solutions, according to a Wikibon study.

Oracle Support Speeds Troubleshooting

Oracle's single vendor support enables IT departments to quickly resolve issues with a single call, rather than multiple vendors.

Built-in risk reduction

Integrated solution maximizes application availability

Optimized complex solutions offer the best performance for customer's Oracle Database workloads.

Built-in automation reduces management costs

Oracle Database Appliance systems are designed, tested and supported by Oracle as an integrated solution to maximize the availability of customer applications, resulting in less than a minute of unplanned downtime per year, according to analysis by IDC on customer business value.

Full patching reduces the risk of cyber attacks

The database infrastructure, software and system patch package enables customers to defend against malicious attacks by protecting the business with frequent updates.

Integration simplifies high availability deployments

The integration of Oracle Real Application Cluster and the implementation of Oracle Data Guard in Appliance Manager enable customers to achieve high availability of their critical databases.

Faster data protection reduces downtime

Oracle Database Appliance improves customer backup time by 41% and recovery time by 38%, ensuring applications are available when needed, according to IDC research.

Built-in automation simplifies data protection in the cloud

Data backup to OCI is integrated into the Appliance Manager environment to reduce IT staff workloads and add a layer of protection to critical customer data.

Appliance Manager

Automation simplifies management

Built-in systems management automation implements Oracle Database best practices that simplify the deployment and management of solutions in remote customer locations or edge environments.

Easy-to-use interface speeds provisioning

The integrated user interface quickly collects configuration parameters and presents predefined options to reduce database and system provisioning to a few simple steps.

Comprehensive patching streamlines maintenance

Pre-tested patch packages designed specifically for the Oracle Database Appliance reduce IT administrative workloads by patching device firmware and software at the same time.

Integrated data protection reduces the risk of data loss

Integrated backup and backup to external local storage or OCI simplify IT staff workloads and protect critical customer data created in remote locations.

Automated monitoring improves uptime

Built-in diagnostics continuously monitor the Oracle Database Appliance infrastructure for failures and detect deviations from Oracle best practices so IT teams can maximize availability on remote systems.

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