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Replication and Data Protection

We offer you the comprehensive and fast distribution of Oracle data. We can create and synchronize data between multiple copies of Oracle databases, for operational reporting, distributed data processing, disaster recovery, and testing purposes.

We distribute the data between multiple locations, we consolidate data between remote regions, we share data with allies and suppliers, eliminating the overhead of analytics, in transactional databases.



Efficient business operations, high-quality customer service, compliance with corporate information security regulations demand the highest possible level of data protection and availability. So it’s no wonder that data protection and availability are among the top priorities for companies of all sizes and industries.



Achieve near real-time database replication. Simplify cloud migrations. Improve availability, disaster recovery, reporting, analytics, and more

Oracle database replication software

Do you use Oracle Enterprise Edition or standard edition databases to run mission-critical applications? SharePlex Database Replication provides a proprietary «redo» log analysis mechanism to replicate change data for high availability, scalability, and more.

  • Low cost
  • Simplicity
  • Award Winning Support
  • Analysis support
  • Data accuracy

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Oracle for AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps you leverage the cloud to lower IT costs and scale key workloads. SharePlex for Oracle on AWS supports your business journey to the cloud with fast and reliable migrations to the cloud. With SharePlex for Oracle on AWS, it’s easy to replicate your on-premises Oracle database to the AWS database while allowing day-to-day operational processes to continue uninterrupted, with no downtime or data loss.

  • Multiple use cases supported
  • Dependence on suppliers is avoided
  • Unmatched 24/7 support

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